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Donate 1euro to save sea turtles

Sea turtles today are at risk of disappearing forever due to intensive fishing and pollution. Blue Conservancy has been on the forefront , since 2009, to rescue, treat and release healed sea turtles back into the wild. By supporting our cause with just 1 euro per month you will directly contribute to saving them. We will be able to continue to purchase medicines, food and new shelter tanks. You will also support our environmental education programs aimed at schools

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Animal Empathy Onlus

Abused, killed, abandoned. This is the fate of many animals in southern Calabria (Italy). And it is here, in Brancaleone, that Animal Empathy Onlus is born, so that no animal is denied a second chance at life. Not only sea turtles, we rescue a large number of species, especially wild animals, victims of hunting, poaching, illegal farms. With 1 euro a month you will help us to support emergencies and save many more animals.