Svetlana Nikolova Hristova

Baleares (Illes), Spain

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Colonia Animes

Rescatar gatos callejeros,alimentar,castrar,curar enfermos.Buscamos adotantes para los bebés,montamos casitas para invierno.

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Asociación Colonia Tramuntanta Lloseta

Sómos un grupo de voluntarios que nos dedicamos a salvar, cuidar, esterilizar y mantener a los gatos que necesitan de nuestros cuidados para sobrevivir. La Asociación Colonia Tramuntana esta fundada el 6 de agosto del 2016 y con vuestras donaciones, los voluntarios del refugio se encargan de alimentar, ofrecerles atención veterinaria, esterilizar y mantener a nuestros gatos. Nos encontráis en Lloseta, Mallorca. Muchas gracias por colaborar!!! Página web:

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Pelu2 in Apuros is a page of diffusion destined to the help of the animals at Balearic level, but also we are dedicated to the control of street feline colonies. The objective of this teaming is to sterilize, feed and clean up these colonies. All proceeds is earmarked for food and veterinary costs. Many thanks to all those who have decided to help.

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Teamer since:  01/02/2021

Save PPP Dogs Mallorca

Encourage responsible adoption and ownership of PPP dogs (potentially dangerous dogs) their castration, behavioral correction, collaborate in the rehabilitation of behavior, exchange opinions, knowledge, experiences, and any other animal-related issues. Training program and specific training in employment in terms of protection and defense in the program for victims of gender violence or therapy dogs. Sanctuary. Cat corner