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Thomas's Love - Saving the dogs of Spain

This amazing organisation has been set up in memory of a wonderful young man...with Thomas' Love & that of our supporters, we really can make a difference....."“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”

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SOS Podenco Rescue

SOS Podenco Rescue saves podencos from the streets and from killing stations, gives them vet treatment, and finds them a forever home. Our only purpose is to fight for this wonderful breed that is ignored and not wanted in Spain, as they are only considered huntils tools, not pets. SOS Podenco Rescue es una asociación sin ánimo de lucro que salva a podencos de la calle y de las perreras en España, les proporcionamos cuidados veterinarios, y les buscamos adopciones responsables.

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Axarquia Animal Rescue

AXARQUIA ANIMAL RESCUE is a registered charity, run by volunteers and dedicated to saving lives and re-homing abandoned and abused animals. ALL donations go directly to help the animals in our care and are very much appreciated. AXARQUIA ANIMAL RESCUE, asociacion benefica registrada, somos voluntarios, y esta dedicada a salvar las vidas y buscar hogar a los animales abandonados y maltratados.TODAS las donaciones van directamente para ayudar a los animales bajo nuestro cuidado.Muchas gracias

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Asociación Valencia Perrera Dogs

AVPD, Asociación Valencia Perrera Dogs, are a registered charity in Spain (G98900228). Our objective is to find rescue spaces and other safe and caring opportunities for the dogs saved from perreras (dog pounds) and for those found abandoned on the street.

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Podencos y Más

Podencos y Más wants to introduce this magnificent breed so abused, abused and ignored because of hunting. We are ESPECIALLY dedicated to the physical and mental rehabilitation of the animal and the search for responsible and appropriate adoptions for them. Some stay with us for life, because they are unadaptable or because they have great abilities to help in therapy. Thank you for helping us help. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Mail:

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Saving the Street Dogs

I want to help “Saving the Street Dogs”, a group created to help the street dogs in Romania and Bosnia, and to rescue those that are in public shelters. Marin-Natasa Ivanovic cares for a constant number of dogs that she has rescued, that need continued food and veterinary care. With the support of other volunteers Marin prepares the rescued dogs for foster and rehoming in various countries. The group relies donations and I hope this Teaming group will ensure a regular income can be generated.

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Kim of Kim's Animal Rescue has been saving and rehoming dogs and cats since 1996. She forges on despite the odds, the difficulties, giving her all to the animals, her dedication is 100%. Like all rescues a monthly regular income is important to cover the general costs of veterinary treatment, food, petrol and building and maintenance costs. Thank you for your support.

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(GALGOS, PODENCOS, Y OTROS) Este grupo está dedicado al rescate de animales en peligro, abandonados o perdidos, que no se dejan coger. Somos particulares y no recibimos ningún tipo de ayuda ni subvención, con tu aportación de 1Euro podrás ayudar a contribuir en cada uno de nuestros rescates, en renovar y reparar material... etc. ¡¡ Tu ayuda es fundamental !!! Gracias.

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The Under Dog is basically just Hayley. She strives to help where and when she can; often favouring the more difficult animals that need saving. She has a page on Facebook (The Under Dog) and a group (The Under Dog Group Malaga). Help Hayley help the animals, please. Just one euro each, each month can help a lot of animals in need.