Paola Freni


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Hope home

We dedicate our efforts to improve the life of stray cats, saving, recovering and finding a home for them, giving them the opportunity for a dignified life. We operate within our homes and give a temporary home to cats in distress until they have a suit of their own. We do not have any kind of help from public bodies. we work only thanks to our strength and the help of wonderful people who support us!

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Teaming Manager since:   26/01/2021

Progetto per donare cibo ai cani che non hanno nessuno


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associazione animalisti attivi Odv - catanzaro

Sono un Veterinario e a Catanzaro gestisco una piccola associazione che si occupa di gatti randagi feriti, malati e disabili. Li curiamo e restano con noi finché non trovano una casa adatta. Di solito abbiamo in media 80/90 ospiti. SEGUITECU sui social come @lillypullano o in pagina fb. Il teaming è l'unico aiuto che abbiamo per salvarli♥️

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Teamer since:  27/07/2021

Associazione di volontariato GLIALTRI


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Teamer since:  22/07/2022

Loro come Hope

Sono una volontaria catanese, da tempo mi occupo di recupero di cani abbandonati, in modo particolare di cani molto malati, il mio sogno sarebbe quello di completare l’oasi qui trovate il mio link ( le donazioni andranno sul mio conto personale).

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Teamer since:  01/10/2022

Etnas Animal Shelter

My name is Ernesta Silvana Parisi and together with other volunteers I manage a shelter of 45 dogs and 60 cats in Catania. The shelter is funded by me and a few kind-hearted donors. We have many beautiful dogs looking for a family, and we try very hard to find them a home, but there are many emergencies and sometimes we are unable to satisfy their needs. If you can't adopt, help us with one euro a month, it doesn't take much to make a difference thanks ❤️

€4,260 Raised

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Teamer since:  03/10/2022

I gatti di Nanni

Nanni D‘Amato lives in a small flat with about 30 cats. It got quite crowded there lately. Now he got the chance to move to a piece of land, where he and the cats will find a secure and peaceful place to life. Additionally Nanni feeds and treats 30+ strays and injured cats around the haven of Porticello, where he lives. Lets help him with a fixed monthly support of only 1€ per person.