Laura Lanuza

Barcelona, Spain

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Open Arms

Open Arms opens its arms to women, men, boys, girls and all those fleeing horror, looking for a chance. The humanitarian emergency in the Mediterranean does not stop and our mission is to protect the lives of the most vulnerable at sea, and on land continues. Working in schools on human rights and empathy and denouncing all injustices is our mission as well. From your hand we can prevent more deaths. We need each other. You are needed.

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Asoc. Socio Cultural Entre Mares

Somos una Asoc. sin ánimo de lucro, creada en el año 2014, y con un lema bien claro "Unir sin confundir, distinguir sin separar". Nos juntamos para promocionar y mejorar la convivencia ciudadana intercultural en un territorio con alta diversidad cultural. Y contribuir a la promoción de la cohesión social, con único objetivo, de transformar la concepción del fenómeno migratorio, a través de elementos que la hagan más amplia y flexible para los demás.

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Sonda Internacional

Sonda International is an independent, non-profit media organisation specialising in visual journalism on the climate crisis. It was founded in May 2022 by a small group of journalists with extensive experience in international news, migration, conflict and human ecology, with the aim of creating a space to develop long-term projects: in-depth, quality journalism.