Inez Robinson

Málaga, Spain

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Contributes every month: £3 to 3 Groups

Since 18-01-2016 has contributed £81

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Teaming Manager since:   18/01/2016

Dog Rescue Helper

We are a small community of people looking to support small local rescues in the Malaga area. We recognise that these little rescues really struggle with awareness for what they selflessly do, and struggle to raise funds We aim to help them with both. And this is where your funds come in. 100% of the money raised pays a vet bill or a food bill to the maximum of 100 euros. Each 100 euros raised is paid out and then a new small rescue is chosen to be helped Thank you for supporting our cause.

€534 Raised

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Teaming Manager since:   17/06/2022

Malaga Dog Rehoming

Inez Robinson has been involved with rescuing dogs since 2013. She has been running a solo rescue for 2 years, self funded. Malaga Dog Rehoming is the official charity to rescue, rehabilitate, assess and rehome mostly Belgian Shepherd Malinois. Please join our group so we can help more. Thank you

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Teamer since:  16/10/2023

Forgotten Oldies

Operation Great Escape or Saving the Forgotten. Is run entirely by volunteers, with dogs, cats and other animals at Andrea Johnson's home or in local foster homes, or occasionally in paid residence. Andrea is helped by her children. Every animal saved makes a difference. Our first dogs saved were from perreras (pounds) in Northern Spain, since then we have taken on injured street dogs, dogs whose owners have died, and abandoned dogs. We are based in Alhaurin el Torre, Malaga.