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Animal Sanctuary Zorgeloos Dierenleven

Zorgeloos Dierenleven ( Careless Animal Life) is a Dutch foundation. Our main goal is to save sick animals which are abused or abandoned by people. In our Sanctuary Farm we take care for 150 dogs, cats and farmed animals. Handicapped, blind, deaf or ill, here they receive love and health treatment for better quality of life. The monthly costs for food, medicine and vets is € 3500 and unfortunately not covered by our regular donations. Thank you so much for joining our group.

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Gouves Animal Shelter

The Gouves Animal Shelter, is a non-profit, donation only charity. We have saved 1000's of animals. We only survive with donations, we tend to rely in the summer on tourism, but coronavirus has made this difficult. Now we are being evicted from our land and need to raise money to move our shelter with around 160 dogs and 80 cats. We are trying to make the impossible, possible.