A.D.S.N. Accion Directa Sierra Norte

Guadalajara, Spain

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A.D.S.N. Acción Directa Sierra Norte

A.D.S.N. It's a O.N.G. Founded in Spain in June 2.016. Until September 2.019, the "Móvil Kitchen" and "Panadería Lujan" projects have been operating in Polikastro and Lesvos, both in Greece. From there, the collection and shipment of several containers of humanitarian aid to Greece continued. The last shipment was made in January 2.021. We are now starting another new project in Spain, while continuing to help the refugees who are still in Greece in the distance.

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Protectora Salvando Almas Puras

Protective of animals located in Orusco de Tajuña We rescue animals victims of abuse and abandonment. With the enthusiasm and contribution of all we can achieve it. € 1 per month and we will achieve the dream of these pure souls, our mission to rescue the maximum number of animals to find their definitive and dignified home Protect and defend them Feed them and love them

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Taller Social Ciclista Guindalera

Decrecimiento, ecología y solidaridad. Somos un colectivo que se dedica a recuperar bicicletas reutilizando repuestos. Las bicicletas deben ser el principal medio de transporte, pero muchas bicicletas y componentes acaban en la basura o en los trasteros cogiendo óxido. Nos ocupamos de su recepción, recuperación y posterior entrega a personas sin recursos.