Paola Calasanz

Barcelona, Spain

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Wild animal Sanctuary "Reserva Wild Forest"

We are a wild animal Sanctuary and rescue center.

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Teamer since:  18/01/2017

El Refugio de Sheivid

Santuario animal. Nos encargamos de rescatarlos, acogerlos, darles atención veterinaria y asegurarles una vida digna y llena de felicidad. Promovemos el veganismo, por lo tanto en el Refugio tenemos diferentes animales, sin importar la especie.

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Teamer since:  08/04/2018

A.D.E. Asociación Defensa Équidos.

In this hot summer of 2022, we have rescued many animals, we want to share the story of the latest arrival, Gary, a Welsh pony abandoned by a malformation in his legs to die of hunger and thirst in an iron rod cage next to a road . After the rescue and a good veterinary check-up and with the diagnosis, we have him recovering in our second shelter, Cal Lari, and he is already beginning to know what it means to be loved. For those who are and for those who will come, join us.