Maggie Wilkins

Huelva, Spain

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abandoned and mistreated dogs rehabilitation UNSUPPORTED

To assist the Spanish local residents in rescuing, treating and rehoming abandoned/mistreated dogs in the villages around Huelva. The organisers do a brilliant job of rescuing these dogs and puppies from dangerous situations, providing vet treatment and trying to re home. ONE EURO/ONE POUND helps to keep this vital work going. The crisis and lack of education in animal husbandry means the numbers are escalating. Every centimo/penny counts. PLEASE join this team.. It's easy to join & save a life.

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SOS Perrera de Los Barrios

We are volunteers in the Los Barrios pound, where all dogs are treated equally, from the smallest to the largest. We have around 500 dogs that we have to feed and care for daily, and without your contributions, this would be impossible. Monthly expenses are very high, and every euro counts. Become a Teamer, and help us keep these beautiful animals healthy and happy for as long as we can while waiting for a home!

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Teamer since:  23/06/2022

Home for all creatures

Hi. We run a bit different Rescue home . All our animals are “special”. Too old , too sick or with behavioral problems. They have nowhere else to go . They live with us in our home environment ( not in kennels) and learn that not all humans are bad . We have now24 dogs19 cats3 horses2 donkeys. We do not get any support from anywhere and rely only on my salary and kindhearted people’s donations. We have a Facebook page which we update daily if you want to read more about us .