Lucia Garcia Nicolas

Murcia, Espanya

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Salvando Vidas, Animal Rescue, MURCIA

We are a group of people united by the love of animals, dedicate our time and effort to provide a better life for those who have no voice and prevent them from falling into oblivion. Many animals are abandoned, abused and unprotected on our streets every day. Our goal is change that situation and we are figthing everyday for it ! Help us to help them joining our Teaming. Thank you so much!!!!

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Footprint of hope

For years now our small shelter has been taking in dogs & cats which almost always arrive in very bad condition. Here we look after them until they recover & we find them a family. We fight against abuse & neglect, but our association doesn't get grants nor subsidies, & we have a lot of expenses: vets, food, cleaning products, drinking water, living facilities ... For you, it's 1€ a month, for them it's a life. Join our family, donate smiles, donate hope!

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'' Los ManuGarcias ''

Vuestra ayuda de un solo euro al mes, a mi me hace un mundo.. Solo en combustible de casos animales, gasto +200€ al mes en gasoil.. Sin contar la de ruedas que cambió por meterme de rescate a lugares inhóspitos.. Reparaciones, revisiones .. Mas de 60000km en el último año.. ¡¡Y los que faltan!! ¡¡¡ MIL GRACIAS POR ESTAR AQUí !!! Vuestro apoyo y ayuda es crucial.

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Teamer des de:  20/01/2021

Las Reinas del Biberón

Somos un equipo de NODRIZAS de perritos lactantes que necesitan biberón y de CASAS DE ACOGIDA de cachorros que ya comen solos. Nos llegan cachorros abandonados desde cualquier punto de ESPAÑA, también nos hacemos cargo de perritas preñadas con el embarazo a término, a la que también buscamos una familia. El pasado 2022 hicimos más de 300 rescates. AYUDANOS A SEGUIR RESCATANDO CACHORROS ABANDONADOS ESTE 2023 EURO A EURO HACEMOS UNA MONTAÑA DE AYUDA.

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We help the invisible grandparents cases to give them a dignified and loving ending. We rescued them from kennels in Spain and from the streets. objective? that no grandfather dies in a cage or abandoned with pain and suffering. We provide them with a little house with a lot of love and all the veterinary attention they need